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Sometimes conventional lab tests are not always enough to determine the true cause of your illness and health concerns. At Infinity Health Centre we offer specialized lab testing to get to the root of your illness and provide you with enhanced personal healthcare, specific to your body’s needs.

Food Sensitivity Test:

Determining and eliminating your food sensitivities is crucial for achieving optimal health, benefitting digestive concerns, such as IBS and IBD, but also skin conditions, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, weight gain, migraines and more.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis:

Determining the presence and balance of microbes (bacteria, yeast & parasites) aids in the treatment of IBD, IBS, constipation and diarrhea providing relief for many conditions patients are told they have to endure.

Lifestyle Genetics Testing:

Understanding genomic determinants of important functional pathways involved in mood and personality traits, cardiovascular health, metabolic profile, body composition, and detoxification pathways.

Metabolic Snapshot:

Providing fundamental information about nutrient adequacy and deficiency, availability of neurotransmitter precursors, detoxification capacity, and common inherent disorders of amino acid metabolism.

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